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"Anne R. Allen is P.G. Wodehouse for the 21st Century!" 
... Sidonie Wiedenkeller

The New Camilla Randall Mystery is Here! 


“Okay, ’fess up.” Mickie McCormack’s eyes twinkled as she plunked a book on the counter. “If you’re that distracted by the Internet you’re either looking at porn or you’re Googling old boyfriends.” 

I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Um, I’m guilty of the latter, I’m afraid. I’ve just run into an old boyfriend and he’s invited me to dinner, but…”

The bell on the door jingled.

There he was. Captain Maverick Jesus Zukowski, six foot, three inches of tall, dark, and the-one-who-got-away.

In this stand-alone 7th episode, Camilla befriends socialite Mickie McCormack—a sexy, mysterious older woman who’s going through a painful divorce. Mickie has been Googling her old boyfriends to reconnect and “remember who she used to be.” Unfortunately every one of those boyfriends soon ends up dead.

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GHOSTWRITERS IN THE SKY:  Camilla Mystery #1 

After her celebrity ex-husband’s ironic joke about her “kinky sex habits” is misquoted in a tabloid, New York etiquette columnist Camilla Randall’s life unravels in bad late night TV jokes. Nearly broke and down to her last Hermes scarf, she accepts an invitation to a Z-list Writers’ Conference in the wine-and-cowboy town of Santa Ynez, California, where, unfortunately, a cross-dressing dominatrix named Marva plies her trade by impersonating Camilla. When a ghostwriter’s plot to blackmail celebrities with faked evidence leads to murder, Camilla must team up with Marva to stop the killer from striking again.

Ghostwriters in the Sky is available in e-book at all the Amazons  GooglePlay  KoboScribd and NOOK.

It is available in paper at Amazon & Barnes and Noble 

Sample Reviews:

"I did a lot of giggling, outright laughing, and head nodding in agreement, and eye-candy type drooling while reading Ghostwriters In The Sky. The characters were vividly portrayed, the dialogue so real I wanted to check gossip magazines for the fictional celebrities, the humor and action blended perfectly…If you're looking for pure entertainment with a nostalgic feel, and a game of follow the clues, you'll love this novel as much as I did."–Book blogger Donna Hole

"Ghost Writers is set in a writers' conference in Santa Ynez Valley, where I've lived for twenty years.... This book is hysterically funny AND accurately depicts the Valley. Anne Allen gets it right, down to the dollar bills stuck on the ceiling of the Maverick Saloon. It was so fun to read as she called out one Valley landmark after another. Allen got the local denizens right, too, the crazy characters that roam our streets"...Sandy Nathan, award winning author of The Bloodsong Series

SHERWOOD, LTD: Camilla Mystery #2

Suddenly-homeless American manners expert Camilla Randall becomes a 21st century Maid Marian—living rough near the real Sherwood Forest with a band of outlaw English erotica publishers—led by a charming, self-styled Robin Hood who unfortunately may intend to kill her. When Camilla is invited to publish a book of her columns with UK publisher Peter Sherwood, she lands in a gritty criminal world—far from the Merrie Olde England she envisions. The staff are ex-cons and the erotica is kinky. Hungry and penniless, she camps in a Wendy House built from pallets of porn while battling an epic flood, a mendacious American Renfaire wench, and the mysterious killer who may be Peter himself.

Sherwood, Ltd. is available in ebook from all the Amazons, AppleGooglePlayKobo, Nook, Scribd, and Smashwords
And in paper from Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Sample Reviews:

"A wily tale of murder, deceit, and intrigue that can stand with the best of them. Her characters are all too real and her dialogue took me from laughter to chills" David Keith on Smashwords

"Smartly written and nearly impossible to put down, I found myself counting the hours until I could leave work and get back to reading! Well done!" T.L. Ingham on Smashwords

I've just finished Sherwood Ltd and I loved every scabrous word. It's an hilarious lampoon of crime fiction, publishing and the British in general. Anne Allen gets our Brit idioms and absurdities dead to rights. Whether you enjoy crime suspense, comedy or satire - or all of them together - you'll have enormous fun with this cleverly structured romp. Highly recommended!...Dr. John Yeoman

"An intriguing and fast paced novel that demands you read on to the next page and beyond. The characters are well constructed and believable and I enjoyed the difference between the USA and UK people. The plight of our heroine is complex and well -managed and in the beginning I was striving for her to find some genuine help and support. The flip over to the UK added more spice! Highly recommended."—David L. Atkinson, author of The 51st State

THE BEST REVENGE: The prequel (Camilla Mystery #3)

When Camilla Randall, a 1980s New York debutante, is assaulted by her mother’s fiancĂ©, smeared in the newspapers by a sexy muckraking journalist, then loses all her money in the Savings and Loan Scandal, she seeks refuge with her gay best friend in California. But her friend has developed heterosexual tendencies and an inconvenient girlfriend, so Camilla has to move in with wild-partying friends. When a TV star ends up dead after one of their parties, Camilla is arrested for his murder. She must turn to a friendly sanitation worker, a dotty octogenarian neighbor and the muckraking journalist who ridiculed her--who also happens to be her boss. 

The Best Revenge is available at all the AmazonsSmashwords, Kobo, Google Play Apple, and NOOK. It's also available at Page Foundry (Inktera) and 24 Symbols

Sample Reviews:

"…while laugh-out-loud funny, [The Best Revenge] carries a message about how we view ourselves and how others' views of us may conflict, yet make us grow."...composer Richard Alan Corson

"Once I started THE BEST REVENGE, I found I couldn't put it down. An engaging Hollywood caper set during the 1980's pits a fashionable New York debutante against a hard nosed reporter who's had a bad day. I don't even know what to classify this book as -- thriller, romance, comedy, drama, whodunit, who's going to do it -- it has everything! 
I cannot wait to read the rest of Allen's work. And definitely put this on your summer beach reading list. You won't be disappointed. "...Regency Romance author Anne Gallagher

NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Camilla Mystery #4  

Comedy with a conscience. Doria Windsor, the uber-rich editor of Home decorating magazine loses everything, including her Ponzi-schemer husband, when their luxury wine-country home mysteriously goes up in flames. Homeless, destitute, presumed dead and branded a criminal, 59-yr-old Doria has a crash course in reality…and a second chance at love.

Meanwhile, reluctant sleuth Camilla Randall is facing homelessness too, as Doria's husband's schemes unravel and take down innocent bystanders along the way. When the mysterious—and dangerously attractive—Mr. X. turns up at Camilla's bookstore looking for clues to the death of a missing homeless man, Camilla joins in the search.

With the help of brave trio of homeless people and a little dog named Toto, Doria, Camilla and Mr. X journey to unmask the real killer and reveal the dark secrets of Doria's "financial wizard" husband.

Anne. R. Allen weaves her usual blend of archetypal images (this time from The Wizard of Oz) with unique and wacky characters, hilarious situations, and laugh-out-loud one-liners that all somehow come together and make perfect sense at the end.

No Place Like Home is the fourth of the Camilla Randall Mysteries, but can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Here's an article I wrote about the "Bag Lady Fears" that prompted me to write the book.

Sample Reviews:

"Very funny and easy to read I couldn’t put it down until I had read every last word." Nana at The Parents' Little Black Book

"a remarkably good book. The characters are varied, several are redeemed through their experiences; the bad guys get their comeuppance; and the seemingly worthless are heroic"...3Kids2Cats1Divorce

"A book for everyone who lives a good mystery, a little romance, and a bit of the world’s truth for today." Sherry Meyer at Found Between the Covers.

"It's comedy about a dark topic – homelessness – and it succeeds without ever descending into tasteless insensitivity, or tipping over into sentimentality."...Lucinda Elliot at the Sophie deCourcie 

No Place Like Home is available at all the AmazonsNOOK, and iBooks, It's also available in paperback from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Barnes and Noble, in regular and LARGE PRINT. LARGE PRINT is also available at Barnes and Noble.

It's also available in an audiobook, narrated by Anne and award-winning narrator, C.S. Perryess. You can find it at Audible and iTunes UK. It's also available at iTunes US

SO MUCH FOR BUCKINGHAM: Camilla mystery #5

This comic novel—which takes its title from the most famous Shakespearean quote that Shakespeare never wrote—explores how easy it is to perpetrate a character assassination whether by a great playwright or a gang of online trolls.

It's a laugh-out-loud mashup of romantic comedy, crime fiction, and satire: Dorothy Parker meets Dorothy L. Sayers. Perennially down-and-out socialite Camilla Randall--a.k.a. "The Manners Doctor"--is a magnet for murder, mayhem and Mr. Wrong, but she always solves the mystery in her quirky, but oh-so-polite way. Usually with more than a little help from her gay best friend, Plantagenet Smith. n this hilarious episode she makes the mistake of responding to an online review of one of her etiquette guides and sets off a chain of events that leads to arson, attempted rape and murder. 

Sample reviews:
"Delicious wit, wonderful eccentric characters, and a beguiling plot. Camilla Randall is a delight!"...Melodie Campbell, "Canada's Queen of Comedy."

"Both a comedic romance and a crime suspense thriller, it presents the 'Perils of Pauline' adventures of a modern author, Camilla, whose mad-cap follies are hugely entertaining. But the novel has a serious undertone of social comment. Even the craziest of its zanies have their counterparts in the real world and the author faithfully depicts their grim, and often deadly, sub-cultures behind a veneer of knockabout wit. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys romance, and crime suspense, with a lethally satiric edge." Dr. John Yeoman.

"Anne Allen's ability to weave throughout her stories a current social commentary easily and throughout the story amazes me. She does this without jeopardizing her plot or her characters' development."...
blogger Sherrey Meyer

So Much for Buckingham is available in ebook at all the Amazons,
KoboNook Smashwords, iTunesInkterra, Google Play, 24Symbols and Scribd.

And in paperback it is available at Amazon, Amazon UK , and Barnes and Noble

The Audiobook, narrated by CS Perryess and Anne R. Allen is available from  Audible and iTunes

THE QUEEN OF STAVES, Camilla Randall Mystery #6

Music blogger Ronzo never dreamed that giving an unfavorable online review to the Leftenant Froggenhall band would destroy his life. But he can only escape the band's gruesome persecution and threats to his loved ones by faking his own death and living as a homeless dumpster-diver.

He's forced to hide his blossoming relationship with bookstore owner Camilla Randall to keep her safe from the band's vengeful clutches. Not easy when they're together every day, as Ronzo's unexpected tarot-reading skills keep Camilla's failing Morro Bay shop afloat.

When a mysterious Irish poet shows up dead on a tarot client's beach, it's up to secret lovers Camilla and Ronzo—and the tarot cards—to find the killer. Hopefully before the homicidal Froggenhalls arrive in Morro Bay.

Luckily Buckingham the cat is on the case, ready to fight the bad guys, tooth and claw.

"I really enjoyed the book from start to finish. Wonderful characters and a ripping story which never lets up right up to that fabulous showdown !"...award-winning Irish humorist Tara Sparling

THE CAMILLA RANDALL MYSTERIESGhostwriters in the Sky, Sherwood, Ltd. and The Best Revenge in one convenient box set.

The Camilla Randall Mysteries Box set is available at all the Amazons, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, Google PlayInktera, NOOK, 24 Symbols and Scribd

Sample Reviews:

"Anne Allen had me laughing unexpectedly and sometimes out loud with her wonderful crafting of her words into sentences that became alive and three dimensional throughout these stories." John Williamson

"These stories are so carefully crafted and so cleverly presented that virtually every page offers a unique insight, experience, or perspective, that grabs my attention, tickles my imagination, and makes me laugh out loud." Bruce West

And you can read a review of the boxed set at Breath of Life Books, by Kim Justice.

And Yes, Anne Has Written Some Other Books, Too. 

They're not entirely unrelated to the Camilla comedies. They may have a bit more literary meat on their bones, but they're still fun-filled comedies full of one-liners and mysterious doings. You may even spot a character or two from the Camilla books making a cameo.

WHY GRANDMA BOUGHT THAT CAR: stories and verses. 

A collection of Anne's previously published stories and poems. 

Portraits of rebellious women at various stages of their lives. From aging Betty Jo, who feels so invisible she contemplates robbing a bank, to neglected 10-year-old Maude, who turns to a fantasy Elvis for the love she's denied by her patrician family, to a bloodthirsty teen version of Madam Defarge, these women—young and old—are all rebelling against the stereotypes and traditional roles that hold them back.

Which is, of course, why Grandma bought that car…

Sample Reviews:

"Six short stories featuring women as the main characters, each at a turning point in their lives. Something happens to shake up their world and it will change them forever. Each story featured such well-drawn characters that their perceptions and epiphanies were immediately relatable."...Laura 

" I expected funny stories in this book, and certainly the humor is here. I mean, a "head 'em up, move 'em out, Rawhide bra"? Love it! What I didn't expect was the poignant depth and truth depicted in many of the characters. Good stuff."....Linda the Writer

Why Grandma Bought That Car is only 99c at all the Amazons.

also at Scribd, Nook, iTunes, and Inktera

FOOD OF LOVE: a comedy about friendship, chocolate, and a small nuclear bomb. (Romantic Comedy/Thriller) Two sisters: one white, one black. Two world views: one liberal, one conservative. But these two women have one goal in common—one they share with most women in modern society: the urge to diminish themselves by dieting. Food of Love is a historical comedy-mystery-romance set in the 1990s that carries a powerful message. It offers some of life’s darker truths—told with a punchline.

After Princess Regina, a former supermodel, is ridiculed in the tabloids for gaining weight, someone tries to kill her. She suspects her royal husband wants to be rid of her, now she’s no longer model-thin. As she flees the mysterious assassin, she discovers the world thinks she is dead, and seeks refuge with the only person she can trust: her long-estranged foster sister, Rev. Cady Stanton, a right-wing talk show host who has romantic and weight issues of her own. Cady delves into Regina’s past and discovers Regina’s long-lost love, as well as dark secrets that connect them all.

Food of Love is available in ebook on all the Amazons, plus Smashwords,KoboiTunesScribdBarnes and Noble & Page Foundry (Inktera). 
Also available in audiobook at Audible and iTunes

Sample Reviews:

"Food of Love is the delectable romp, a wonderful blend of humor, romance, mystery and tragedy…I loved everything about this novel, the quirky humor and larger than life characters above all. The plot took me in unexpected directions and I could not guess what would happen next. This is a delightful surprise package skillfully bound by the author's immaculate writing. And like all stories involving a princess, it has a happy ending. HIGHLY recommended!"The Book Keeper 

"I loved this book, it was such a genre filled mix – romance, thriller, spy-capade – the only downfall, I couldn’t read it in one sitting. Allen’s snarky humor shines on every page, and her not-so-subtle pokes at Hollywood’s rich and famous made me laugh out loud, especially when Elvis leaves the building"—Anne Gallagher, bestselling Regency romance author

"A bubbly as a double chocolate milkshake.... Pack this one to add punch to your holiday reading." —South Yorkshire Times

"Once I sat down to read this book, I could not get up until I’d finished it. This hilarious page-turner packs a profound satirical bite. It’s a Hollywood romp that provides romance, mystery, and an honest confrontation with the human condition. Food of Love is a funny and powerfully healing book." —Lucia Capacchione, PhD, bestselling self-help author, Recovery of Your Inner Child

THE GATSBY GAME (Romantic Comedy-Mystery) When Fitzgerald-quoting con man Alistair Milborne is found dead a movie star’s motel room—igniting a world-wide scandal—the small-town police can’t decide if it’s an accident, suicide, or foul play. As evidence of murder emerges, Nicky Conway, the smart-mouth nanny, becomes the prime suspect. She’s the only one who knows what happened. But she also knows nobody will ever believe her. The story is based on the real mystery surrounding the death of David Whiting, actress Sarah Miles’ business manager, during the filming of the 1973 Burt Reynolds movie The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing.

The Gatsby Game is available in ebook at all the Amazons, and Barnes and Noble for NOOK. It's also available at Scribd.

It's also available in paper on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble

Sample Reviews:

“The Gatsby Game is a great, well structured cozy mystery with just a few elements of noir to attract bulkier readers…Anne R. Allen has a knack for creative unique, lively characters, but that Milbourne guy is something quite special. Feeding off the Gatsby myth in and off the page, he's the unfortunate construction of his romantic mind and he will end up at the center of everybody's lives. I never thought I would have so much fun reading a chick lit novel, but this was great, even for my hardboiled sensibility.”—Benoit LeLievre, book reviewer at Dead End Follies

"This book has enough twists and turns within the plot to keep even the most experienced mystery reader wanting to go on to the next page, and don't be surprised at anything that happens or what comes next. There's a pivotal point where the solution to the mystery comes to Nicky, and all of this adds up to a surprising conclusion that could not have been predicted."--John Williamson

"In The Gatsby Game, Anne R. Allen blends a perfect combination of witty, sharp narration, a plot that won't let the reader go, and nuanced characters that evoke our caring. A genre novel that artfully transcends its genre.”- Catherine Ryan Hyde, best-selling author of Pay It Forward and When I Found You.

THE LADY OF THE LAKEWOOD DINER is a comedy that pokes fun at the myth of a Golden Age, making parallels between the Grail legend and the self-mythologizing of the Baby Boomer Generation.

Someone has shot aging bad-girl rocker Morgan Le Fay and threatens to finish the job. Is it fans of her legendary dead rock-god husband, Merlin? Or is the secret buried in her childhood hometown of Avalon, Maine?

Morgan's childhood best friend Dodie, the no-nonsense owner of a dilapidated diner, may be the only one who knows the dark secret that can save Morgan's life. And both women may find that love really is better the second time around. Think Beaches meets Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.

"A page turning, easily readable, arrestingly honest novel which will keep you laughing at yourself. Who doesn't remember crashing on a mattress at a friend's apartment with the stereo blasting Iron Butterfly and no idea where you'll stay the next night? A cultural masterpiece for the discerning reader."...Kathleen Keena, author of Adolescent Depression, Outside/In

The Lady of the Lakewood Diner is available at all the AmazonsiTunesKoboNook and Books 2 Read

BOOMER WOMEN: Three Comedies about a Generation that Changed the World

The Lady of the Lakewood Diner, Food of Love and The Gatsby Game, now available in one boxed set. At all the AmazonsInkteraNookKoboScribd

THE AUTHOR BLOG: EASY BLOGGING FOR BUSY AUTHORS: an easy-does-it guide to simple, low-tech blogging for authors who want to build a platform, but not let it take over their lives.

An author blog doesn't have to follow the rules that monetized business blogs do. This book teaches the secrets that made Anne R. Allen a multi-award-winning blogger and one of the top author-bloggers in the industry.

And you'll learn why having a successful author blog is easier than you think.

"I’m already a massive fan of Anne’s blog, and this book is written in the same humourous, yet highly informative style as her blog posts. Sharing her own blogging successes and mistakes, she explains how and why things need to be done in certain ways. Anne makes the whole blogging process seem accessible to everyone, no matter what you’re working on or your level of technical expertise.".... Mark Tilbury

Only $2.99 at Nook, Kobo, Apple, and AmazonAlso available at Scribd, Playster, 24 Symbols

The paperback is $9.99 at Barnes and Noble and Amazon


A guidebook for writers learning to navigate the tumultuous, and ever-changing waters of the 21st century publishing business. It's a collaboration with my mentor, #1 bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Pay it Forward and 24 other award-winning novels.

NOT JUST FOR INDIES! There's lots of info on how to write a query, how to avoid bad agents, how to deal with rejections, bad reviews, etc. Plus a step-by-step guide to starting your own blog.

"Whether you're a neophyte to publishing, a wannabe writer, or one familiar with the ins and outs of getting you book out there in print, there's a lot of excellent info in these pages. Kudos to both authors for bringing this one to market, and even more so for making this an upgradable edition. If you're interested in pursuing the craft of writing, then this one is highly recommended. It has brought me a couple steps closer to my own writing goals." Amazon Vine reviewer John Williams

"I so wish there had been a book like this back when I first started...there no preachy comments, and this book isn't pushing any one particular way to be a writer...or whether or not traditional publishing is better than e-publishing" Romance writer Ryan Field

You can pick up the ebook for only $3.99 or the equivalent at all the Amazon stores. It's also available in paper for $12.99 


"Anne Allen is an amazing author advocate and one of my favorite people. Her blogs are a treasure trove of the best information in an ever-changing paradigm, and all writers will benefit now that Anne has written THE book! Anne is one of the strong voices of the Digital Age. She is an encourager, a leader and a wonderful teacher and I am grateful to know her and learn from her." KRISTEN LAMB, social media expert and author of WE ARE NOT ALONE...the Author's Guide to Social Meda.
"Catherine Ryan Hyde is a magnificent storyteller, an expert at plot and pacing and voice. –THE DENVER POST
"Hyde is a remarkable, insightful storyteller, creating full-bodied characters whose dialogue rings true, with not a word to spare." –LIBRARY JOURNAL
"I very much admire the work and the philosophy of Catherine Ryan Hyde, and I thank her for what she is doing, and for what she is writing." -- BILL CLINTON.

Here's a link to a lovely review of HOW TO BE A WRITER IN THE E-AGE from Ryan Field. And one from Joanna Celeste

Here's a lovely "magazine" showing all my "Chick Lit Noir" books, done by the multi-talented Elizabeth Ann West

A couple of my books are also available in translation.

Ghostwriters in the Sky is available in Spanish
at Google Play and all the Amazons

Why Grandma Bought that Car is available in Portuguese
at Google Play, iTunes, Smashwords

Available in Italian at Google Play, Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo, B&N
and Amazon 

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