Friday, April 8, 2016

Short Fiction is Hot: 10 Reasons for the Short Story Renaissance


  1. Great info and I'm so happy to hear. I love writing short story when I'm editing my novels. It's a good counter balance to my edit brain, to keep my writing/creative brain in shape.

    And sometimes you come up with enough stories in a theme to work out a novel of short stories. I did!

    I'm going to explore this idea of longer shorts and mini novels. Some of my short stories come in at 20K and that might be just about right.

    Woo hoo! Thanks for the inspiration and insight!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

    1. Tam--What a great idea! Writing shorts while you're editing keeps both sides of your brain working. I tend to lose my creative spark when I edit.

      A story that comes in at 20K is ideal these days! That's just the length Patterson and the rest of them are talking about. People love those.

      These days people have trouble committing to a whole novel, but a series of mini-novels--readers love them. That's how Hugh Howey had his huge success.

      It sounds as if what you're writing is perfect for today's market!

  2. I enjoy the short form. It's a nice change from writing novels, and it's perfect for when a premise doesn't require 80K words.

    1. Sue--That's great that you're still writing short stories as well as novels. Both can pay off.

      I think short creative essays are also an underrated form. Memoirists can reach so many more people--and make more money--if they write their stories as short personal essays instead of one long book.