Friday, August 31, 2018

Googling Old Boyfriends

I don't have another poison episode this month, because I'm busy finishing up my latest Camilla Randall Mystery (#7) Googling Old Boyfriends. I'm sending it to my editor on Monday. 

It's scheduled to come out in December. Paperback in January. (And there will be a fun staged reading in Morro Bay with actress Mara Purl in February.)

And yes, there will be poisons involved.

Here's a taste:

“Okay, ’fess up.” Mickie McCormack startled me as she plunked a copy of Liane Moriarty’s Truly, Madly, Guilty on my counter at the bookshop.
“If you’re that distracted by the Internet you’re either looking at porn or you’re Googling old boyfriends.”
Mickie’s brown eyes twinkled at me from behind Ralph Lauren tortoise shell frames.
I felt my cheeks heat up.
“Um, I’m guilty of the latter, I’m afraid. I’ve just run into an old boyfriend and he’s invited me to dinner, but…”
The bell on the door jingled.
There he was. Captain Maverick Jesus Zukowski of the L.A.P.D. Six foot, three inches of tall, dark, and the-one-who-got-away. 

No cover yet. I'm working on some ideas to give to the designer. I'm thinking of something like this:

Of course Buckingham will have to make an appearance.

As long as Oona Foster isn't there. Then he'll hide out until she's gone.

And here's Buckingham on the cover of his own book, which is only 99c right now on Amazon! 

SO MUCH FOR BUCKINGHAM: Camilla mystery #5

This comic novel—which takes its title from the most famous Shakespearean quote that Shakespeare never wrote—explores how easy it is to perpetrate a character assassination whether by a great playwright or a gang of online trolls.

It's a laugh-out-loud mashup of romantic comedy, crime fiction, and satire: Dorothy Parker meets Dorothy L. Sayers. Perennially down-and-out socialite Camilla Randall--a.k.a. "The Manners Doctor"--is a magnet for murder, mayhem and Mr. Wrong, but she always solves the mystery in her quirky, but oh-so-polite way. Usually with more than a little help from her gay best friend, Plantagenet Smith.

In this hilarious episode she makes the mistake of responding to an online review of one of her etiquette guides and sets off a chain of events that leads to arson, attempted rape and murder. 

Sample reviews:
"Delicious wit, wonderful eccentric characters, and a beguiling plot. Camilla Randall is a delight!"...Melodie Campbell, "Canada's Queen of Comedy."

"Both a comedic romance and a crime suspense thriller, it presents the 'Perils of Pauline' adventures of a modern author, Camilla, whose mad-cap follies are hugely entertaining. But the novel has a serious undertone of social comment. Even the craziest of its zanies have their counterparts in the real world and the author faithfully depicts their grim, and often deadly, sub-cultures behind a veneer of knockabout wit. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys romance, and crime suspense, with a lethally satiric edge." Dr. John Yeoman.

"Anne Allen's ability to weave throughout her stories a current social commentary easily and throughout the story amazes me. She does this without jeopardizing her plot or her characters' development."...
blogger Sherrey Meyer

So Much for Buckingham is available in ebook at all the Amazons,
And in paperback it is available at

And there's an Audiobook! It's narrated by CS Perryess and Anne R. Allen is available from 
Audible and iTunes


  1. Looking forward to this new one! I've been waiting...

    1. Thanks, Melodie! It felt so good to write "the end" this week. Now I'm proofing and removing forgotten red herrings and filling in plot holes.

  2. Love the title and loved "Six foot, three inches of tall, dark, and the-one-who-got-away." Who can't relate? :-)

    Tell Mark to get with it. (As if.) Impatiently looking forward!

    1. Ruth--I'm glad you like that line. :-) Mark is being pretty speedy. I sent him the ms. last night and I got three chapters to edit in this morning's mail!